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Ramadan countdown Gold

Ramadan countdown Gold

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Our minimalistic and modern fabric calendar for Ramadan can be a wonderful way to engage in the spirit of the holy month.

Start on the first day of Ramadan. Explain to your family, especially children, that the calendar will help count down the days until Eid. Each day, have a designated time to explore one pocket of the calendar. This can be done individually or as a family, perhaps during the evening after iftar.

We use 100% cotton for our Ramadan calendar and wooden stick
Every calendar goes with dust bag for easier storage
30 pockets with gussets, for little gifts
length -38''(97cm), width - 19.5''(50cm)
Every calendar can have personalisation on top. there few options to choose of. Please choose correct option during checkout. personalised calendars cant be returned.

All calendars are handmade in our work studio in Ukraine and will be shipped via tracking service with 2-3 weeks delivery. We use Fedex or UPS for delivery.

Filling of the pockets
Place a small surprise or treat inside each pocket. It could be a piece of chocolate, a small toy, a positive note, or a family activity suggestion related to Ramadan.
Consider adding educational messages or quotes about Ramadan in some of the pockets. Use this opportunity to teach your family about the significance of Ramadan and its values. Share a brief Ramadan-related story, talk about an Islamic tradition, or discuss a moral or ethical lesson.

Create Family Memories:
Use the calendar as a tool to create lasting family memories. Take photos, share stories, and enjoy the special moments together.

Reuse or Share:
If the fabric calendar is reusable, store it carefully for the next Ramadan. Alternatively, consider passing it on to another family to continue the joy and traditions.

Using a fabric calendar for Ramadan can help make the month more interactive, educational, and joyous for your family. It's an opportunity to blend the festive spirit with the spiritual significance of Ramadan.
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